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Sound like someone who doesn't understand civil service progression. A fresh grad may hit $5K at age 30 cos he/she starts at early 20s. But judging from his increment of ~$500 each yr (quite consistently), I think he can hit MX9 well before 50. If lucky, may even hit MX8 in mid 50s.

But would like to hear from other experts, in case I give him false advice.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Those who joined as fresh grad would have hit 5k at the age of about 30.

Not scholar. Not exceptional performer. No chance.
Originally Posted by cslee View Post
I've a friend who joined MX specialist scheme mid-career. His basic pay is like

Age 35 start - $4.8K
36 - $5.1K
37 - $5.7K
38 - $6.1K
39 - $6.6K
40 - $7.1K

In addition, I heard he's like getting 4.25 - 4.75 months of all-in bonuses each year. Consistent C+ and B performer.

How is he progressing compared to those who joined since fresh grad? What would be his expected CEP e.g. got chance to reach superscale grade?

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