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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Hi guys, I was the one who posted about giving up on NBS.

Thanks everyone for your inputs and advice!
But actually the main concern isn't in the school fee because I can easily take a bank loan. As for bursary and all other financial aids, I won't be really eligible because of family income. Belonged to the middle income, just that family hav debts that caused us to be in financial difficulties.
Moreover, my dad isn't in good health and there are concerns on what happen if my dad couldn't work at his current job anymore, which requires a healthy body. It's too big of a risk!

And I'm aware that the pay for dip and degree is very very different! But not that I'll stop with a dip, because I'll definitely be taking part time degree (UniSIM) and try to move on to MX scheme in the civil service
How much income do you need to tide over? Earning $1k+ while studying full time is def possible. Tuition is one easy method. Personally, i worked part-time during my off days (including days ponning lectures) and sat. And chiong full time during hols. Ard 20h/wk during sch days. At a measly $6/h, and income from my small online biz, on avg i earn ard $1k/mth. U can def do it too, just need to sarcrifice quite a bit of ur personal and rest time. I didnt do well for my degree but in the end still worth it i guess.

The fact is local unis > priv degrees (including unisim). This fact will not change, at least in the next twenty years. By giving up ur place in NTU, u will def lose out alot. Unless u alr have a game plan and u're cock sure of ur ability to succeed without the help of a degree, do give it some serious thoughts.

Nonetheless, once u made ur choice, dont EVER look back with regrets. That is pathetic and will get u nowhere. Focus on the path u chosen and push on!
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