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Originally Posted by joys View Post
Hi all,

can give some advice to me?

I’m 28. NUS engineering grad. Female.

Had been an insurance agent since 2004.

And it's my 1st job since then.

Had no other working experiences.

Been thinking of a gd career switch that can match my current income of around $5k a month.

But with no experience… what are the areas that i can fill in?
Hmm... Firstly you gotta define for us what you mean by "good" career switch? There's probably something about your job that you are unhappy about and is hoping to get a change. Perhaps it is the irregular hours or irregular income?

Secondly, if you are looking for a new job that can match your current salary, you must be able to convince your potential new employer that you have some transferrable skills and experience that will help in your new role. No one is going to pay you $5k for a entry level engineering job for instance. So, your field of search is actually quite narrow, you probably can only look at sales positions...
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