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Originally Posted by Devjyoti View Post
Hi stressfulsociety,
I have sought & found jobs through recruitment agencies in the past. You send them your resume, they find suitable jobs for you & get back to you- if you like the kind of jobs they sent, you mail them back/call them up & them you're interested, they then fix up interviews for you. If you do get a job, they get a commission from the Company.

I have found them pretty useful in the past.
i do have the same opinion. tip: find a recruitment agency that is highly specialized in your field of interest. for example, get in touch with agencies that deal with finance jobs if you are interested in working in the finance environment, likewise for IT. Don't go for agencies that handle every like jobs. who knows the resume you've submitted might be considered for a call operator job or an insurance agent job. they know nuts about your qualifications and are only interested in meeting quotas
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