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- Worklife balance depending on which projects you are in.
- Flexible hours depending on your boss. (Some bosses tends to micro-manage.)
- AWS + avg 2.5 vb
- Benefits are generally better than other company. e.g 21 days leave, mobile allowance...

- 24/7 support because you are mainly supporting the hospitals (sick also must work)
- Slow Promotion Cycle (3 to 5 years promote once)
- High turnover rate (mainly middle management and junior level)
- High workload (you will be supporting two or more projects and dunno how many hospitals, not counting the projects you are supposed to backup your colleagues.)
- Less internal promotion because newly joined middle/higher management will bring in their own guys (mostly senior level, even without healthcare experience).
- Poor leadership.

Skill needed: You will need to know how to pull string to get promoted. (1 to 2 years promote once)

It has a nickname called Old Folks Home because most higher management are there to retire. Good company for those with no aspiration to climb the corporate ladder and wants a stable job or work till retirement.
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