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Hi all,

Wonder whether anyone of you encounter this recently? I'm currently working in a Ministry then I went to a few job interviews in other Ministries yet all of them actually offer me back the same salary package I'm drawing now. Is it because PSD is discouraging people from "hopping" from one Ministry to another?
Well, yes. Kind of. The thing is, Singaporeans like to job hop. And honestly, I think its stupid. You hop from one place to another, but what did you do? Was there any value added to you? If there is no added value, why must I pay you more? Just because you want to get a new job somewhere else does not warrant an increase in salary. And if government monies is given to people just because they hop here and there, but the person is still the same, what for? Government money is supposed to be used to hire quality employees. The won't give you more money just because you hop around. They will give you more money if you are worth more. That is all. And with the job market being quite unstable and competitive with foreigners in private companies, there is quite a long queue for govt jobs.
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