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Originally Posted by dragon View Post
hi guys, i am going to take physics with second major in mathematical sciences. Is it possible to switch to finance industry? i am very good in maths and physics ( got interest also)
However i am more interested in the pay as well
Don't flame me and i know there are many other threads regarding this
Advice is needed pls
u just grad from JC or already in the course? JC math and physics is a very bad indicator of your aptitude in those 2 subjects. I know someone who did H3 math, got 6As for A lvl yet still struggle in year1 sem1 math modules.

anyway, if u r into banking n finance, then the things u study does not really matter.. i heard of history major getting into management programs in banks... is all about how u articulate and present yourself and convincing them why they should choose u.

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