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Its difficult for the local polytechnics to hire any good lecturers. A good lecturer would always pick the universities as the first choice, they are always hiring. And being a good lecturer, they usually get accepted. Leaving only the sub-par ones that do not meet university standards. Hence, the polytechnics are left with only these choices. But it is the polytechnics fault in the first place. They have to offer better salary and incentives than the universities here in order to attract the lecturers. Not to mention that its much easier to lecture in university. You don't have to teach tutorial classes, they have graduate student TAs for that. And students are expected to learn independently. There is much more work that has to be done on the polytechnic level. Not to mention there is also no 'recognition'. Work in NUS, world-class, internationally renowned, top 25 in the world. Or work in a polytechnic that is only known locally?
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