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A certain poly in the east pays really bad, and the HR is highly incompetent. I wonder how they can attract good lecturers and keep them for the long term. No wonder I see so many lecturers complaining about salary here, now I understand. With that kinda salary, the poly can only attract 3 categories of lecturers, the "no where else to go", "slackers" or "loyal to a fault".
strongly agreed with you. I would said close to 80% of the lecturers in polytechnic especially those in engineering cluster really cannot make it any more in the rapid pace industry. Most of them are in their late 30 to early 40s.

they would be happy with their 6k salary to get by the next 10-20 years
It happened in the oldest polytechnic....80% of the them are academic inclined with lousy industry/technical skills
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