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We all want to sit back, relax and have money coming in without having to work for it. But unless we have a large inheritance, or strike toto group 1 price, we have no choice but to go out and work for the money.

The answer to your question "what to invest?" is thus obvious. It is yourself - you are your biggest asset. Invest in yourself through continuous upgrading, courses and training. And work as long as you can. Our gahmen has been telling us to work till 65. Actually people in the US and UK are already working beyond that.

Even if you are earning a salary of $100k pa or say $50k pa, it is still way higher than what most people can get from their passive income.

From my own experience, rental income returns now is about 3% net of expenses and taxes. That means you need to invest in a $1m property just to have $30k pa passive income. Shares fare slightly better. If you plonk $1m into reits you could achieve $60k - $70k dividends. But there are risks.

The Maths therefore tells you that to have a comfortable passive income of $100k pa, you will need a principal sum of at least $2m to invest.

And you still need a place to stay, say an HDB flat costing about $600k. So minimum asset you need is $2.6m!

And you know what? Getting there is through working and saving up. When you acquire better skills, knowledge you increase your value to your company, and increase your promotional prospects.

Having worked 30 years already, and established a passive income stream of $80k - $90k pa, I know there is no way my passive income is ever going to replace my salary. So to me, work is still the way to go. Even now, although I am now training my younger colleagues, I still look out for courses to attend to upgrade myself. Learning never stops.

And yes, having that passive income coming in every month is satisfying. It does give an added peace of mind. You are more willing to indulge, to treat yourself and family to good meals and holidays.

Originally Posted by Stressfullsociety View Post
i'm new to investing. May i know as a new investor, what kind of investment can i go for? i will prefer low risk investment and i have around 10-20k of start up capital to invest.
Can anyone advise me? thank you.
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