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Epic fail advise. This is not investing. This is just like keeping money under the pillow.

Inflation is now at 2.5%, but was 4 - 5% just a year ago. So your money is losing value each day it stays in the fixed deposit.

But having said that, it is sometimes ok to do nothing (ie keep the cash ready) and wait for the right moment to pounce -on shares or property.

My approach was to accumulate blue chip stocks all my working life (30 odd years). In my early years, all I could afford was just 1 or 2 lots each time after receiving my bonus. Now my passive income from the dividends is $5k per month average. My approach is to buy and keep.

And yes, you will see your share value go up in good times and down in bad times. So you must only invest with money that you dont need for something else.

Good news, the SGX is trying to implement smaller lot trading to allow younger people (with lower income?) to buy into and accumulate good stocks. So look out and read up on the various listed companies and decide for yourself which ones to buy.

The feeling of getting money every month that you dont have to work for is undescribable. The dividends have paid for our yearly holidays overseas. Any remaining amounts are re-invested.

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I suggest u put that lump sum into CIMB starSaver account. it gives like 0.8% P.A. Safest. Lowest Risk.

If bank crashed, government will pay u back the money as insured by SDIC (SGD $50,000).
Put in $20,000 = $13 per month.

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