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I think you are missing the big picture. People ARE planning for retirement. Only fools don't do that. The guy who has been planning all his life to retire somewhere cheaper makes a lot of sense. If you can retire in Chiang Mai for $1k per month, then why not? You can't retire with $1k per month here, it is very obvious. So please do not use your personal preferences to force on people's decisions. You sound exactly like the "I am always right" bosses people want to run away from every single day.

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If you think about it, having a job is a blessing. Many people are jobless or in non-full time employment. So if you are currently in employment, hang on to it. You just have to go to to understand the pain of being jobless and being rejected time and time again in your job application.

Being in a job carries with it many benefits both financial and for the soul. The financial benefits are of course:

1. your salary
2. Medical benefits for you and family
3. leave,
4. Business class travel (if you qualify)
5. sponsorship for upgrading courses
the list goes on.

A job gives you purpose. If a company employs you, it means that you are contributing to something that is needed by society at large, no matter how small your contribution is.

There are many people in their mid 50s who still have school going children and even housing loans. So I thought it was irresponsible to urge people to go into retirement without first advising them to check on their financial commitments.

Back to my $5m. Although the amount is adequate to see my wife and I well into our golden years, I am not considering retirement because I love my job and I think I am making a difference. I have good colleagues - young and old. There are still so many things to learn from the job. Many times, the money is not the motivating factor. It is about overcoming challenges and delivering.

That said, I am not against retirement. Retirement without planning what you want to do next is going to leave you totally lost and feeling empty. Many only have a vague idea what they wanted to do, but find themselves directionless and lost their self esteem once they quit their job.
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