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In that case, I will sell my flat now if the price is going to drop in 2 years time. I'm confident I can sell at $700k. In fact, those around me already sold at $800k. My location is very popular, matured estate, near MRT station and no BTOs at all.

I think even though my money will go into my CPF account, I can still get it after 55. Anyway, with the cash savings I have in hand, I have no problem getting at least $600k now and the rest we can get when we reach 55. $600k in fact can last me more than 30 years in Chiang Mai for retirement.

So, if I can sell my flat this year, we can retire 2 years earlier!!! This is exciting !!! Thanks for the info. I will call my propery agent friends now.
Someone posted about your idea of retiring in Thailand or KL... read it and think... I am afraid that you sold your HDB and move to Chiang Mai but regretted after 1 year due to the reality of live there and when you are back here.. buying back the same unit will cost you more..

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