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Originally Posted by darkstar View Post
Hi, does anybody know what is the salary scale like in NUS?

I am applying for a executive/senior executive role; coming in with a degree with 4 years of experience. Would it be reasonable to ask for 3.3K?

Also, what is the culture there like? Do they have a stronger preference for local grads? I am a overseas grad, by the way, so I am also wondering.
I think it is reasonable to ask for 3.3K(maybe 3.5K?)
I was with them for almost 2 decades as a technician.
Yearly increment wise quite ok if u are not ambitious.
My advice to you is that unless you are a good balls carrier, dun expect to get promotion.
Doesn't mean that you are capable, you will get promoted.
Beware of the academics staff. 过河拆桥 . Good in back stabbing and they treat the non academic staff like dirt when they are no longer useful.
Need to beware of your fellow non academic colleague working with you. Dun be surprise that they will get promote faster than you even they are much less capable.
Big organization=Many politics
That's the reason why I left
I regret joining them during my best part of my working life.
Well, good luck in your job searching, follow your heart, dun get influence by me

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