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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
As you've pointed out, pay in different faculty differs from one another due to different budget. As a rough gauge, admin work in Biz fac usually pay better than say Sci or Eng Fac.

But personally I've yet to see anyone I know wishing to work in NUS; it's like the end of your career in my opinion. Sure work-life balance is superb, but promotions, increments, bonus are worse than civil service, and hardly anything interesting/exciting nor will you learn anything useful.
Is it seriously that bad? How much is the increment per year? I am asking for 3.3K (I have 4.5 years experience). I have never before received an annual increment higher than $100 and never received a bonus higher than 1.75 months - my work experience is completely limited to SMEs in the private sector
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