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If you know the coy/mkt and have time to do homework, then should hold on to the shares as long as if you believe that there are more upside and you have no other better shares/places/investment to put your money.

If you don't, then you are just trying to time the market. In that case, your decision should be based on your risk/reward appetitie. Set a upper/lower limit and generally try to stick to the strategy. If you are happy with 30% return, then sell it when you achieve it. If you are not prepared to take a 20% loss, then sell it when you reach that.
Many thanks for your information. The trend I'm seeing now is that there is no trend. Apart from the general guidelines that still are tangible, what I'm seeing in the stock market now (at least in Singapore) is more of a herd mentality.

Good companies with good portfolios and future, with current prices trading below their asset per share aren't getting people moving. I suppose these kind of shares are more for the long term investment, but for the building up of capital, what kind of shares should I be looking out for?

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