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Maybe you're right. Downgrading to public housing will make me feel worse. It will only confirm I am a failure. I feel lousy when I read the younger forumers here earning $150k pa per person and their household income is $300k - $500k.

I'm not in financial difficulties, just feel lousy when comparing with others.

Your wealth or income does not determine whether you are a failure. Who needs to know how much money you have in the bank and how much money you make?

Unless you are barely making enough to feed your family or in debts, be happy that you have a good place to live, and I think you can surely afford to give yourself a treat once in a while. Life is not about accumulating numbers in your bank account. As long as you have enough, dun need to get too stressed over comparing with others.

Wait till you experienced some life threathening moments, and you will appreciate life more and see things in a clearer perspective.

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