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Turnover rate is typical of any govt linked IT coy, e.g. NCS, ST, DSTA, etc. Not easy to work for govt, many paper work and approvals to go through and always get squeezed with tight budget projects. Promotion exercise happens only once a year, takes around 3 or more years to move up 1 level.

Benefits is slightly better than those big IT outsourcing coys. Fresh grads start with 21 days leave, salary comparable to working in gov sector, 13mth + avg 3 mth aws. Good job security, healthcare won't run out of business. Long work hours depending on individual, generally after 6.30pm the office is around 10% filled. Got pros and cons, those people who stay longer are those who can adapt to the paperwork/bureaucratic environment of the govt sector coy or who have strong passion to serve in the healthcare industry.

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