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No need to worry. We will probably retire in Thailand. $1.2m is a lot of money in Thailand. Upon retirement, we will sell our flat and stocks. We have family and friends in Thailand.

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Have you planned for your retirement ? Late 50s is kind of late if you have not already planned, at least on the financial aspects.

You need to know what your fixed expenses are, what your discretionary expenses are, and most important where your income will come from when you stop work.

You have exec flat and stocks of $400k yet your net worth only $1.2m? What about your CPF and cash?

I don't see how you can have sufficient cash flow upon your retirement. Even if the $400k stocks give you 7% returns, it is only $28k pa. Not enough for a couple to live decently.

What job are you in currently? Do you see yourself doing same job with same pay? 60s is not the same as 50s.
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