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Any particular reason why you load your wife insurance so much but do so little insurance for yourself ?

Might want to reconsider this since u r main breadwinner.
Insurance main aim is not capital appreciation but capital protection despite what the agents may say.

Some tips i can offer:

1. Top up wife CPF since she not working to get tax rebate
2. Use SRS for your stocks / Notes. Top up more often. Yours seem low compared to your huge cash.
3. Honestly dont worry about seeking higher yield(and i assuming >5% since your notes give you 5% already) for your cash. Time it carefully.

You sound a bit worried about the future. To me that is not a good frame of mind to be seeking high yield in equities etc.

Truth be told, you are financially stable. You just dont realise it. My final advise is that f i am you, i will talk to my wife more often and learn from her how she can cope about the "future" vs your existing approach.

Originally Posted by FA Seeker View Post
Both 40's
Current Salary: avg $100K (unstable, unhappy, anytime out of job)
Wife not working now
2 very young children
Only Property: HDB Valued $600K, outstanding: $120K, 12 more years mortgage
Car fully paid, not much value, till scrap around $14K.

OA: $41.5K
SA: $125.8K
SRS: $25.5K
Stock: $21K
Investment in S-Deposit/Notes: $400K (projected 5% return but dependable on market condition)
Cash: $148K
Insurance current value: $9K, Projected at 65yo: $111K

OA: $1.8K
SA: $7K
Stock: $4K
Cash: $ 420K
Insurance current value: $175K, Projected at 65yo: $778K

Networth of both: $1.877M including HDB, exclude $1.277M

I have been actively seeking higher yield of my cash, standby in case no job.

Children education, childcare, milk expenses are high, never feel sting on that.

Aim to be finanicially stable by 50yo and not worry about work.

Appreciate for reply.

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