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Your $5.05m is equivalent to RM13m. Why even bother to continue working? Just sell all you have and convert to RM. With RM13m, you can buy a big condo in KL for RM2m and the balance of RM11m can be spent for the rest of your life. In fact, your RM11m will outlast your life assuming you just need to spend RM100k per year. You can leave a lot behind for your kids.

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You achieved very impressive returns - at 15% pa. Better than Warren Buffet. Justified to quit your work to focus on managing your stocks.

In comparison, try as we might, we could only achieve average of 2.5% return on our total net worth. Here's the breakdown (we have no loan):

1. Main property ($1.65m) - staying here so zero returns
2. CPF - $1.1m (total of OA, SA, MA) - interest $35k pa -- 3.2% returns
3. Stocks - $1m -- dividends $50k pa -- 5% returns
4. 2nd property - $1m, rental (gross) -- $40k pa -- 4% returns
5. FD : $300k. Interest - $300 --- 1% return

Total net worth : $5.05m, returns : $125k pa. Or 2.47% pa.

For us, our salaries still provide the best returns. So we will continue to work till 62 or later.
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