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I'm sorry but this is accurate at least in a context of civil engineering consultancy, MNC. I don't know what's "staff engineer" but Engineer makes 5k-6k, Senior Engineer 7k - 10k. Other higher levels e.g. Prinicpals accurate as well. I am a senior engineer in an MNC engineering consultancy and my other friends in the same field, also MNC make similar money. 13 month bonus only.

However compared to my friends in the civil service, their base pay is close to 7k and with the 4-6 months bonus, they actually make more than I do.
I an quoting the below posted earlier - like I mentioned this is accurate. Engineers may not make the most but it's good living.

Junior Engineer: 5k
Senior Engineer: 8k
Staff Engineer: 10k
Principal Engineer: 12k
Engineering Manager: 16k
Engineering Director: 30k + shares benefits
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