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Guys let me give you an inside STORY on how pte banks in Spore works. Firstly im not a pte banker but a product specialist.

First of all, u might be surprised, Spore is the 2nd largest pte wealth centre in the world as @ 30.06.09 and we are contributing ~6-8% of the world’s offshore pte wealth. CHF tops @ ~16-18%.

N most Sporeans’ a/cs here are are not the “elite” type… mostly just ikan bilis for the pte banks. i have seen ten digit figures from middle eastern, latin americans n Indonesians. Infact, our govt is also trying very hard to become the CHF in Asia, safe, fun (f1, casino, universal studios etc) n even creative tax breaks. The last 10yrs have been growing like crazy… up untill last yr’s crisis. Look at jim rogers or even jet li etc.

Now, would you really make $ via pte banking a/cs? Most likely not as your PB has a big target to meet… so most pro. u would be trading more than u actually need so conflict of interests. So not making $$ then why pte banking a/cs… its becuz in Spore this industry has not mature yet. Infact in CHF, ~80% of the wealth there is still held in small boutique private banks so im reckoning these small local boutique family office kind of shop would be set up in the future where the rich would have the ultimate personalized service with $$ being managed as what the money mangers would do for their own $$.

Consistence returns yr on yr with good financial planning is the key to grow REAL wealth!!!

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