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It depends on which SB vs ministry. Where I was at mx11 as a mgr, work not distributed n headcount not actively replaced, so was working 14hr days n my baby was very young then. So I chose to downgrade to mx12 equivalent post in SB. The first yr was honeymoon. But after that still back to the same...cause promoted again to mgr. But at the very least the SB I m in prides itself for work life balance, so during peak project time I work like dog, but once off peak I knock off abt 7pm latest wo bringing home any work. The only thing is I'm working with an AD who's very dumb and selfish, so when it comes to ranking, I've to fight for my own rights and get bigger bosses to help give fair assessment. Thankfully I work for several different bosses on projects. My own dir knows his AD not performing but still keep him for political reasons. Anyway the dir also not liked by anyone else in snr mgt. So I think I should transfer dept at a good time.
dun act poor thing leh

u got 'B' and 'A' grade during ur time in the SB

still kpkb
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