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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Can anyone here advise if my progress considered ok or below avg?
Female, 2nd upper hons in arts n social science

Joined Oct 2005 mx13 $2.6k
Sep 2006 mx12 $2.8k B grade PB on avg 2-2.5 months
2007 mx12 $3k B grade
2008 mx12 $3.3k B grade
2009 mx12 $3.8k B grade
2010 mx11 $4.3 resigned to join stat board

Jul 2010 stat board pay cut to $4k (cause took on mx12 job for better work life)
Jul 2011 promoted $4.5k B grade PB 2.6 mths
2012 $4.8k A grade PB 3.5 months
2013 $5.8k
am surprised that SB offer better work life over CS. The sense I got from comments in this forum is that CS instructs SB execute. Anyway, your basic pay progress really fast. Congrats!

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