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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
hey...are u even thinking properly?

These are two different questions.

1) The first question is....if your current CAP is 1st class but if it is pulled down by a mediocre FYP and it causes the eventual CAP to become 2nd upper, which one would the employer consider?

The final CAP, (which is 2nd upper)...of course

2) The second question is.....If your current CAP is a 1st class and if it is pulled down by a mediocre FYP (e.g. less than A-) but the eventual CAP is still first class.....what would happen?

Of course the student still get a 1st class, regardless of the poor FYP.

Because FYP is only a subset of your final grades....and that is what matters.

U really should wake up, dude.
Wow, you are so stupid. Must be from some private uni or something. For local uni students, our honours is based on two things, CGPA and FYP. It is possible for someone to get a CGPA of say, 4.8, which is a first class, anything about 4.5 is first class. However, his FYP might be a B+. He still will graduate with a 4.8 but will be confered a second upper honours by the university since he did not get an A- for his FYP.

Yes, his CGPA does qualify for a first class, but because his FYP may be a B+, he does not get the honours. Not because he did no fulfil the GPA requirements, because he did not fulfil the FYP requirement. A proper university confers honours by FYP AND GPA requirement. Not ONLY GPA.

You should wake up. You're probably not even from a local uni. Its not so easy for us to get a first class, unlike private uni where they throw first class honours to everyone.
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