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A condominium is the most desired "C" of all Singaporeans' 5 "C"s. If you can afford a condo, you have made it to the upper class of society. Every successful person, especially graduates, would want to own a condo as it is a symbol of success and prestige. Some in this forum gave reasons of why a condo is not attractive, these are just excuses for their inability to achieve.

While we should not look down at HDB flat dwellers, we should also not feel jealous and talk bad about those who have made it. I started off with a HDB flat and after working hard, saving hard and investing hard, I now manage to buy a condo at the age of 46. But I did not take a big loan. I only take a loan of 30% of my condo price and I can service the loan with my CPF without having to pay cash. I am very happy to have finally achieved the ultimate "C". I am indeed a success, someone my relatives can look up to since I am the only person in my family living in a condo.
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