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Originally Posted by alwayscan View Post
Hi Jerry,

I have been working in the banking and finance industry for the last 15 years and I have seen all sorts of people from the police , army , teachers , engineers come and go . Some stay on to be successful while others return to their original industry

To be straight to you , if you can perform , the bank will take you . It does not just mean perform a task but bring in revenue to the bank . So the easiest way for you to enter this sector is to apply for the sales positions . The basic starting pay may range from $2k to $3k excluding bonus . Basically you will be selling loans, credit cards , insurance and other derivative products . Other than this sales positions , the banks are cutting cost and so other areas might not be available unless you have the specific skills. If you are really interested , just go into any of the bank's website and there are plenty of openings . Just a note , if you do not perform , than , you will be asked to move on . You have targets to meet everyday . Hope this helps .
only sales position?
what about analyst position like data analyst, credit analyst, risk analyst, equity analyst?

These positions should be quite common right? banks need analyst! cannot be everyone do sales
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