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Originally Posted by daydreamer View Post
Hi all,

I've just graduated recently and got offered a AML role with a foreign bank.
I'm just wondering what are the possible routes down this path? I heard compliance advisory is where the money are as banks are willing to pay a lot to get experienced ppl into this area and even digging ppl from CPIB/CAD over( true?)
I'm 25 this year, the AML role that i will be taking on focuses on regional corporate banking around APAC. I'm aware that AML transactional related knowledge is the pre-requisite for compliance advisory. How long do i have to slog before i could make the jump? Some of my friends were telling me to hop every 1.5-2yrs at 20% increment each time ( is this even possible?)
Will having a ICA accredited diploma help boost my marketability? What sort of progression timeline am i looking at?

I wish some of the veterans in the finance industry could shed some light / or share their experience

JP Morgan, I here, is setting up an AML hub in Changi and they need about 100+ staff. With the severe restrictions on EP coming up, you can expect a bonanza soon. good luck.
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