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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Should be able to reach jr AVP level 9-10k
avp with 9-10k? thats alot! The previous place where i was working as a aml contractor my boss(a fresh AVP,29years old) is only drawing about 5k+ basic with 5yrs of rojak backend ops exp under his belt.

This really perks my interest. Any veterans could share how is the salary progression like ? Is it better to hop around, say, every 1 to 1.5year? I've spoken to a few recruiters ( from Hays,RW,MK,etc) and i found that the package I've accepted is way below market rate !(partly because the bank is in a bad shape recently coupled with the fact that I have just a few months of KYC/AML experience from contract work) The only consolation is the exposure that I will be getting. (Corp banking)...

I know that i sound a little bit impatient but i just want to have a clear goal that i can work towards to. And constantly remind myself never to let those evil HR eat me again...
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