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Originally Posted by Sim graduating in 2014 View Post
Hey just want to get a sense on the ground if 2500 is adequate for internal audit associate at foo grant Thornton. I have had prior 3 years worth of internal auditing working experience.
I'm also graduating with first class honors.

I feel really discouraged cause it seems like my degree classification doesn't mean anything, I thought with FCH, I could at least command 2800 having had prior relevant experience.

Also applied for big 4 internal audit division but have not heard back from them
Face the fact, you are just not good enough for local uni and reputable MNCs. Advice is just accept that fact, try not to raise the bar so high and feel disappointed in the end. FCH for DL degree is just like a white elephant, looks nice but nothing inside. 2.5k is good for a sim grad, be happy with what you have and things would be alright.

Dont be in denial like some posts in this thread where they are living in denial about the reality, instead they flaunt their glorious SIM degree which allows them to breaking into banking and what not.

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