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Some people here have poor reading comprehension skills. I said I'm planning to stick on till I complete 1 year at my current company. However my goal is to get a job in an MNC with better pay and benefits as stated by PP. And i do know some MNCs in singapore that pay fresh degree holders 3k+ in HR specialist positions. By the way I have a masters degree and had 2 years experience in an MNC as an inhouse recruiter before my 4 year sabbatical. BD is one of the things i'm looking at but not sure if most MNCs really value HR with BD experience, as its mostly headhunting firms that look for persons with BD skills.
Let me get this whole thing straight once again. In the earlier postings, you were asking people to advise you how to get a MNC HR job. Now you are telling us you actually have a Masters degree and already have 2 years experience working in a MNC HR as a recruiter!

How did a MNC HR inhouse recruiter end up posting on an online salary forum asking others how to get recruited into a MNC? Shouldn't you be advising others instead? And how did a MNC recruiter with a Masters degree end up doing $7/hr job in a SME? This whole thing is not adding up at all. Is there something in your past history you are not letting on here?

These are valid questions any *ahem* MNC inhouse recruiter interviewing you will also ask... Also I do not understand why all your responses must always be laced with negativities like "haters", "heroes", "crime", "no comprehension skills" etc. As another poster above noted, I am direct but I've never personally called you names. Other than 1 or 2 trolls the rest of the responses above seem quite measured to me as well. Why the venom?

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