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People have tendency to blow horn when they achieved some success. So it should be no surprise that those who blew their horns here are the more successful ones. The ones who blew the loudest are probably those who were newly "rich".

I observed this kind of behavior in my class reunion. The first two reunions saw very good turnout. Somehow over the years, I was told, the number dwindled to a just a handful of regulars who were holding high management positions in their respective work places.

So, yes 75% of the posters here could indeed be millionaires. Doubt billionaires would be bothered. Not too sure about 0.25% poor! think there are probably busy earning money just to survive.

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LOL...yup...from reading through this forum/thread, you've guess like 75% of the singaporeans are millionaires, the next 24% are billionaires and only 0.75% are middle class and 0.25% poor people....
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