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Good that you prioritize your children. There are families with working couples, but their children are neglected. They are rude and rotten and lousy in their studies. These families can be living in condos and have big cars but the family is unhappy as their children and parents always quarrel about the behavior, the bad company they keep and their hopeless academic performance. You make the right choice for your wife to be nurturing your children. Congratulations.

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Income from work $80k pa, income from stocks dividends $15k pa.
Wife is a housewife, focusing on bringing up the children and tutoring them. Both kids now doing very well in school, thanks to my wife's diligence and discipline. Hoping that both kids will eventually go to the gifted program and then to the top secondary schools and JCs.
Annual savings $30k pa. Drives a small old car. Lives in a 4 room HDB flat.

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