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Hi, I'm working as an HR executive at a local SME that does staffing for engineering and O&G firms. My role is a generalist position that involves payroll processing, leave management, invoicing clients, work pass application and generally being the first point of contact for the employees. In addition I also handle office admin work.

I have just started working full time recently. I was unemployed for 4 years, before finally getting a part time position as an office admin that paid $7 an hour. After working there for 8 months i got my first full time job as an HR exec with a pay of $1800. I worked there only for 2 months before finding my current job with a pay of $2200. While pay was one of the main reasons for leaving after only 2 months, I was also interested in changing the industry i was working in. I have now worked here for 3 months and I plan to stick on till I complete one year.
I would like to know how to get a break into an MNC and what are the kind of HR positions I could try for. I want to earn a decent salary of around 4000 within the next 1-2 years. My personal favorite is L&D, but i have no experience in that area.However I'm open to other HR positions also.

Would appreciate advise from the forummers here. Thanks in advance.

Let me get this straight - You have <1 year of proper full time experience doing basic administration in 2 SMEs after being unemployed for 4 years and you are want an MNC to hire you as a L&D specialist and double your pay in 1-2 years?

I think you better thank your stars that a SME is willing to even hire you as you are now.
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