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Originally Posted by Jaehee View Post

A brief background of my work experience:
Entered a stat board as a diploma holder (div 2) in 2007, starting pay $1785
Got promoted to Div 1 in 2012 and currently drawing close to $4k.

Didn't upgrade myself to get a degree along the way. I am still a diploma holder.

Getting bored with the job scope (tax related), am planning to apply for a position in other stat board/ministry.

Question: How severe will the payout be should i make a switch? Is there a a chance (no matter how remote it is) for me to even get a higher pay if I make a switch?

Anyone with similar working experience care to share your thoughts?
You're actually the first person I know that has no degree, yet promoted to Div 1. My personal opinion is that you will not get the same salary you're getting currently if you switch to another agency doing a different work. If the work scope is the same, then there might still be room for negotiation.

This is based on my understanding of public sector, that they still value degree more than anything.
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