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Default Again, Presidentís Scholars Not Doing Engineering or Science

Congratulations to the latest batch of Presidentís Scholars. But like last yearís batch, not a single one of them will be doing a science or engineering related course.

In a way, this confirms the doom of science and technology careers in Singapore.

In fact, four of the six Presidentís Scholars this year will read Economics.

Although Economics is classified as a social science and can be a very mathematical subject (especially in the US), itís more about the movement of money than constructing useful things.

Itís about the money.

Engineers like Lee Bee Wah can claim that some high earners have engineering degrees but the fact remains that none of the best-paying jobs here require an engineering degree.

The ďdumping groundĒ courses in NUS and NTU are also dominated by engineering courses.

With all respect, Iím guessing that the bulk of Ms Leeís income actually comes from her non-engineering work.

As a Member of Parliament, Ms Lee receives $190,000 in allowance per year, which is easily much higher than that of the best-paying engineering-related job (Computer operations and network manager).

Iím not sure how much pay she receives in her current full-time job as a ďPrincipal Partner, LBW Consultants / LBW Consultants LLPĒ, or in her previous job as an ďAsst. Project Manager, Wing Tai Property Management Ptd LtdĒ (reference: her CV).

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