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If you are free now, I see no downside to studying for the ACCA.

I gather (but I may be wrong of course) that the technical skills you gain from an engineering degree will put you in good stead if you wish to do investment banking.

Originally Posted by Fugutaiten View Post
Hi, right now I am an NSF and I am now considering what to take up for my degree in local uni and my career path. Basically, I am interested in business related stuffs, specifically investments(bonds, stocks, etc) and also being an retail entrepreneur myself. What type of jobs is suitable for me? I am looking towards investment bankers but I've gathered the fact that it's extremely hard to get into front office. With regards to my degree, what should I pursue? I am interested in taking up NUS BBA or BBA(Accountancy) because I feel the 4 years allow me the time to learn and grow. I currently have a reserved place in NUS Chemical Engineering and after much detailed thinking, I realized the fact that I cannot see myself working at plant. Should I take ACCA now? Because I've the time and I realized now I can get a head start if I were to do ACCA. Overall, I am extremely interested in the areas of investment, banking&finance and other areas such as marketing etc. Please advice, and I hope to learn more from the seniors here.
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