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Default Which career path should I go?

Hi, right now I am an NSF and I am now considering what to take up for my degree in local uni and my career path. Basically, I am interested in business related stuffs, specifically investments(bonds, stocks, etc) and also being an retail entrepreneur myself. What type of jobs is suitable for me? I am looking towards investment bankers but I've gathered the fact that it's extremely hard to get into front office. With regards to my degree, what should I pursue? I am interested in taking up NUS BBA or BBA(Accountancy) because I feel the 4 years allow me the time to learn and grow. I currently have a reserved place in NUS Chemical Engineering and after much detailed thinking, I realized the fact that I cannot see myself working at plant. Should I take ACCA now? Because I've the time and I realized now I can get a head start if I were to do ACCA. Overall, I am extremely interested in the areas of investment, banking&finance and other areas such as marketing etc. Please advice, and I hope to learn more from the seniors here.

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