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Wow. You need to step into the finance industry for a better perspective. I'm UOL 2nd upper class. In GIC doing MM investment as trainee. 3.1k during probation. Not fantastic, but proves my point. Your friends and yourself may be the majority of shortsighted people who can't see what people are doing in finance.
Agree whole heartedly here. Experience counts for everything and where/what you studied counts for very little.

I'm 27, in the finance industry on a relationship management role drawing 90k basic. I believe that is quite decent for someone who graduated from SIM UOL just 2 years ago.

This is the true "food chain" in finance. who you know > EQ > what you know > where you studied > what you studied. This doesn't really apply to all roles in finance, but really my point here is that is way too much importance on where/what you studied relative to its importance.
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