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45% Fresh Graduates Jobless? Come on lar.

If you are fresh grad and jobless, you WILL have time to come to forum to take survey.

The other working graduates are too busy doing OT. Remember our Labour Minster says Singaporean must be productive, 10 person must do 12 person job.
Next year, 8 person do 12 person job. The year after next year, 6 person do 12 person job... ...future (-2) person do 12 person's job...

Why not change the heading. "55% fresh graduates who come and take survey are employed and are not doing 12 person's job". They Scholars? Bosses son?

Or "45% fresh graduates who come and take survey are unemployed". They see the higher pay posted here and not willing to lower their expectation.

Minster : You must lower your expectation, expect low pay to remain employable. 10 person do 12 person job.
Freshie : What about you?
Minster : I am talent (who ask you cannot study? Or is familee). Without me, you won't even have low pay jobs to lower your expectation for. We need 3 to do 1 person job, because important job and decisions need to think thrice.
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