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Originally Posted by Darkzi0n View Post
wat does it mean by cushion?

and i jus realized DOS is considered as 'functional department' overseen by MTI, n not a stats board.... does that means it is conisdered under ministry or does it belong to a different category?
DOS is a stat board under MTI. In general, there are subtle differences between a stat board and a Ministry, in that a Ministry is more rigid and is bounded by regulations from PSD.

Stat boards are welcome to follow similar "guidelines", but they have more autonomy as compared to the Ministries. In that sense, a Stat board may have more flexibility in negotiating starting salary, ranking and promotion of lower scale officers, more benefits, and different civil service culture etc.

Having said that, culture is usually dedicated by the top guy in the organisation, so if you get a staunch civil servant as your CE/MD in a stat board, the culture will more or less be the same as a Ministry culture.

By cushion, I believe the poster is referring that they are "rearing grounds" for the different type of scholars. Ministries typically have more AOs as compared to Stat boards, where you may have more scholars. Note that AOs are those that are geared to become CE/MD/PS in the civil service should they not screw up, and not all scholars are AOs.
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