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Hi all working gurus!

I'm a up and coming grad from UOL, expecting a first to 2nd-upper from a Bsc Information Systems and Management degree. I came from an IT diploma at SP, and on hindsight I cannot vision myself writing codes for the next 10 years, hence the swap to a more generic management degree.

HR is on the short list of possible types of jobs I want to take up, as I prefer to be involved with people rather then a screen. From what I got from the thread, I understand that even a grad with a 2nd and higher still starts off roughly around the HR executive level? With around a starter average of 2.5k.

I do HR as a module, along with various psychology and business types apart from the IT stuff, so I was wondering how relevant my degree actually is in the HR context, and what to expect as a fresh grad with these sorts of qualifications. Any input whatsoever will be greatly appreciated! I might have gotten the wrong idea of HR to begin with, so feel free to enlighten me.
i grad with the same degree in 2005. I have had 3 jobs since, all nothing to do with my specialty.

your degree is your paper qualification to get you one step in. the rest is up to you.
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