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Wow. You need to step into the finance industry for a better perspective. I'm UOL 2nd upper class. In GIC doing MM investment as trainee. 3.1k during probation. Not fantastic, but proves my point. Your friends and yourself may be the majority of shortsighted people who can't see what people are doing in finance.
i believe when ppl are tokin about investment banking or investment banker, they are referring to those who earned 150-200k pa (inclusive of bonus) as a fresh grad... n not anyone who work in an investment bank....

each year thousands and thousands of applications will be sent in for that few available position... among these ppl, there will be ppl from branded unis with strong academic result, excellent CCA track record and of cos extremely good interviewing skills... its hard for me to imagine they will hire anyone from a less branded sch instead... UNLESS that person has connections within.
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