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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Seriously.. don't believe the bullshit about SIM grads not making it into investment banks..

Both my bf and I were from SIM-RMIT one year plus ago.
He graduated with distinction while I barely passed.

I'm in a US investment bank now after job hopping and he joined a swiss private bank as his first job.

Most of my friends are in banking and honestly, I think being a local uni grad only makes a difference when you are cream of the crop. Else, you won't make the cut to the top where it's all rainbows and dollar signs and you will be left with positions that everyone else is left with.

Anyway, it matters less and less as you start to accumulate your experience in the industry.

And for the local grads, please ah. Don't xia suay yourself by yayapapaya to your SIM friends and give sarcastic remarks on SIM grads during your glorious local uni days then later on, come ask your SIM friends for job referrals when you cannot find your job. It's really....
I am not sure whether your perception of reality is the same as others out there, well it differs from mine definitely. Working in an investment bank or some glamorous bank is easy, it is not hard to break into, but job scope wise is different. Who knows maybe you and your bf is helping the bankers wash his coffee mug instead?

SIM grads working as finance or bankers? Don't make me laugh man. I have friends who studied at who I still keep in contact with, none could break into banking unlike yours. Some are doing insurance, property and car salesman. I even had one friend graduated and working at uniqlo at orchard doing retail sales.

Please dont come and spread propaganda and mis information and go around telling others "being in industry" is more important.

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