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Originally Posted by Darkzi0n View Post
any one has more information about statistician in DOS? i only know they follow a different scheme which pays slightly higher than the MX scheme if im not wrong... my question is how much higher as the year progress?

I also heard that a typical local uni non-scholar with good performance can reach MX10 and a selected few can reach MX9.... can i assume the statistician scheme follow this trend in general but with slightly higher income ceiling?

a slightly unrelated question... does anyone know if economics services take in ppl with second major in econs? i heard that they onli take in ppl with honors in econs + good quantitative skills...but my econs is onli a second major... my primary major is statistics and i will be taking honors for my primary major.
Just apply to both. If you get offers from both, ask hr directly. What have u got to lose?

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