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I have a diploma in engineering from a local poly. Working in one of the top US Mnc (manufacturing). Currently holding a senior technician post. Actually I've already got an offer from a stats board. Job scope not really related to my current job. Increment I would say close to 30% (yes, believe it or not). But im still a little hesitant whether to take the plunge or not... mainly due to career prospect as a diploma holder in civil service, future increments n unable to claim Ot pay.. I was offered division 2 grade 5.
Thats not a like for like comaprison. In blue collar jobs, OT takes up a big component of the total pay. The reason why public sector offer you >20% pay increase is because you are not entitled to OT there. The actual monthly salary you are getting is not really that much higher. If you have been actively clocking OT, total pay might even be the same or lower. A lot of manufacturing techies in my co get monthly OT at ~50% of their basic salary.

You need to be realistic and choose the job better for you, no such thing as best of both world. Either you take the gov job for job security and get mediocre increases and ceiling for the rest of your life or go for another pte job and take a risk and a shot for greater things.

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