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Do not gloat, do not gloat.

Let me share with you the story of Mr and Mrs Tan who were retired.

Like you Mr and Mrs Tan (aged around 58) moved in to stay with their daughter in her new 4 rm HDB flat when she got married. Mr and Mrs Tan occupied one bedroom, her daughter and son-in-law the master bedroom. There was harmony and things were going well. Then the grand children came along, and Mrs Tan found herself useful and was very happy to help look after the grandchildren while her daughter and son-in law went out to work. Her daughter had peace of mind knowing that her children were in good hands, some more they saved money as they do not need to employ a maid.

As you know, good things have to come to an end. The children quickly grew up, and Mr and Mrs Tan became old and not as mobile. The children started to fight for their own space and they started to want their own room.

The son-in-law also started having more stress at work as he held more responsibilities. He found it difficult to talk things out with his wife because the 4 room flat started to feel crowded. Tensions start to build up. He starts to resent the presence of Mr and Mrs Tan

Now Mr and Mrs Tan (aged 70) are starting to feel like unwelcome guests in their daughter's home.

Need I go on?
and when there is visitors, whole house is packed and crowded.. son-in-law finds it difficult to voice out to the wife and has to bear with it till one day, got so much pressure at job, went back home see Mr. Tan and Mrs. Tan telling daughter why your husband doesnt spend time with family and exploded and call off the marriage.. this is what usually happens thats y despite having fillial children, parents usually understand and dont want to stay together because a lot of conflicts arise.. worse thing is the son-in-law sees the parents boasting how good he his in wealth management..
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