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All this worrying of retirement is totally unnecessary. You can retire easily upon reaching 65. Me and my wife have benefitted from the genius of the government's home ownership and asset enhancement policies. My HDB estate underwent upgrading and now the estate looks wonderful. I am renting out my flat to an FT family at $4k a month and now staying with my daughter. The $4k pm is more than enough, in fact we hardly spend the money as my daughter takes care of our food, medical, etc. I hope our flat's value and rent will remain strong and rising. Our HDB is our retirement asset, our smart system enables us to retire, unlike in the west. I bought my flat at only $100k many years ago and now it is worth $800k. So your HDB flat is your best investment asset. So, don't worry about retirement. Make sure you raise your kids well and they will look after you at old age. Don't stay single, you will die a lonely death when you die. Also don't be a gay, please.
Your way of retiring is the most unwanted way.. you are compromising your lifestyle and yet you are enjoying it? Renting out your hdb and live with your daughter and you are happy with the rental.. If you are living in your own condo and rent out your hdb as passive income i would say you are great, because you do not compromise anything, life still usual. But staying with your daughter to "SAVE" the 4k rental is terrible idea.. Her life is interrupted and lose freedom if she is married, if she is not, you are barrier to it.. and you are way so proud of your "investment" skills.. Think about it, pls... !!

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