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I have a diploma in engineering from a local poly. Working in one of the top US Mnc (manufacturing). Currently holding a senior technician post. Actually I've already got an offer from a stats board. Job scope not really related to my current job. Increment I would say close to 30% (yes, believe it or not). But im still a little hesitant whether to take the plunge or not... mainly due to career prospect as a diploma holder in civil service, future increments n unable to claim Ot pay.. I was offered division 2 grade 5.
Well, my suggestion to you would be to jump to another engineering company that requires your experiences. Reason being should you jump to the public sector, your engineering experiences will go to waste as your new job would not be really related to your current job. And when you want to go back to the engineering field, it may pose a problem as you're deemed obsolete in terms of technical experiences.

I may be wrong, but I thought that engineering is a profession that values experience and remunerates correspondingly? I've seen personally how some other engineers with only diploma job hopped, got headhunted, and are now earning in the ranks of 15K per month.

But if you think family life is important now, and you just want a stable job with not much career progression, then join the public sector. Word of advice, you will most likely progress to hit the ceiling of div 2, and will never be promoted to div 1 (as this is for grads and above). You have to see if you'll be ok with that, and not be comparing with your peers who stayed on in the private sector 10 years down the road.
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